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Imagine being able to choose experiences over appearances!

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You are not what's broken.

I understand the struggle. I’m not one of those trainers who has never been overweight and can’t empathize with you. 

I have struggled with my body image since I was in sixth grade. I have been lean and I have been overweight.

The personal narrative that I carried with me for over 25 years started with a simple comment about my thighs from my 11-year-old friend at the community pool. 

And in a world that has become increasingly more artificial—with picture perfect social media profiles, and advertisers that know exactly how to target our biggest insecurities—we are bombarded by Diet Culture from every angle with the message that… 

But none of those things are true! They are all myths the diet industry has told us over and over to get us to throw money at one more program… one more diet… one more… They want us to belive that we have to lose weight in order to be happy. 

The diet industry has a 95% failure rate yet it is a 65 bilion dollar industry. They make money off of making us think we need to change our bodies. They prey on our insecurities! When in fact, they created our insecurites in the first place. 

You Can Find Body Acceptance Too

My 51 page Ebook will walk you through the exact steps I used to find body acceptance and finally heal my relationship with food.

You will learn my story of caving to the pressures of looking a certain way as a personal trainer,

to developing disordered eating and exercise habits,

to losing my health, gaining weight to recover, feeling like a failure for not “looking like a personal trainer”,

to not wanting to go out in public,

and to the epiphanies I had that led me to creating tools and applying them to get me unstuck,

that led me to finding body acceptance and confidence in how I look now.

This led me to writing this guide for others.

You can learn how to find body acceptance too!

I also created a follow along 32 page workbook that is a great companion to my Ebook.

I give you 4 weeks of bite size actionable steps broken down into 4 separate weeks.

You will learn how to harness the power of gratitude and its effects on body image,

challenge the reasons you may not even know that are perpetuating your food guilt,

effective ways to handle bad body image days,

and I share a powerful self love exercise you can implement when you are struggling on those bad body image days.

Plus much more!

My Ebook and Workbook will also help you to discover…

The truth about dieting and how to spot diet culture

Diets have a 95% failure rate and 1/4 of people who go on restrictive diets will develop an eating disorder. Diet culture has us believing that we are not good enough with how we are right now. I show you how you can spot the sneaky places diet culture shows up.

The mistakes I made as a personal trainer.

I share my story in depth with the hope that it can help others who are struggling with disordered thoughts around food and body image. Sometimes more is not better when it comes to exercise. Food is not the enemy and it's ok to eat when you're hungry! I share how I learned to accept my body even after gaining 50 pounds.

Finding body confidence.

Body confidence is not about mastering, or resisting our feelings. It's not about an absence of negative thoughts. It's about showing up, defying our own minds at times, and still moving forward even when we don't feel like we can or even want to.

The real reason bingeing happens.

Bingeing doesn’t happen because you lack will power or are weak. There are reasons your body has this impulse and I will show you how you can stop these impulses from occurring and end bingeing for good.

Body Trust and Acceptance

A good relationship requires trust on both ends. I will teach you how I learned to trust my body so that it could in turn trust me so we could have a harmonious loving relationship. Our bodies are smarter than we are, learn how to be in tune with what its needs are.

Raising body confident children.

We don’t want our children to suffer from the same body image struggles that we have had. I lay out action steps for what you can do now to create the body confidence in your children starting today. I have raised 5 kids, 4 of which are girls and they are strong confident girls not afraid to be who they are.


This book is for anyone tired of constantly living their life worried about how their body looks.

It's for you if you...

  • ...have spent way too much time thinking about your body.
  • ...often criticize your body when looking at your reflection.
  • jump from diet to diet and workout only to lose weight.
  • ...want to learn what it truly means to have a postiive body image.
  • believe that you will finally be happy when your body looks a certain way.

A Little Bit About Me

Maria Simpson

Health and fitness has always been a passion of mine. For the past 9 years I have been a personal trainer and coach both to online and in person clients. I have worked with so many clients stuck in the negative body image cycle. I am here to guide you to finding body acceptance, to a life filled with body confidence, and food freedom.  I love helping people change their mindset around food and exercise. 

I didn’t always have body confidence and food freedom though. I let the pressure of needing to look a certain way to be a personal trainer get to me.  I started seeking out more intense and restrictive methods for myself. I felt the constant pull of perfectionism as I was trying to mold my body into looking like what I thought a trainer should look like. This caused me to  develop very restrictive eating and compulsive exercise habits.

It eventually led me to a bunch of mystery health issues that doctors couldn’t solve. Even though I thought I was doing everything right I kept gaining weight and my workouts kept feeling harder and harder. 

I reached a point where I physically couldn’t keep going and I took time off training clients to rest and recover. I gained a lot of weight during my recovery and it left me feeling defeated and like a failure.

I knew I had to find a way to improve my relationship with my body, with food and with exercise. And I did. It became my mission to help others who were struggling with body image and food struggles like I was. I felt my passion shift towards helping other women learn how to develop a healthier relationship with their bodies and with food. 

Body Love Boss

Why I Wrote This Book...

After I nurtured and improved my relationship with food and my body my life felt liberated and I was so much happier with who I was. I had freed up so much brain space not always obsessing about macros and meal plans, and finding the perfect exercise routine.

I became hyper aware of the presence the diet mentality has and its hold on women everywhere. It became easy to spot. I could see through its lies and promises. I saw how it affects the way women feel about themselves and how they treat themselves.

I saw women not living their best lives. I talked to some who were waiting until they lost 10 pounds to take that trip or schedule family pictures, others white knuckling through some super restrictive diet plan, even more experiencing guilt and shame for missing their punishing workouts. So many missing out on outings and adventures because they didn’t want to put on a swimsuit.

I felt angry. I wanted to stand up and speak out against the lies and false promises that diet culture feeds us. 

I decided to write. I felt my message could reach so many more women through my written words.

I thought that maybe it was my calling to write down my story of the steps I took to overcoming this hardship. That maybe it could serve as someone else’s survival guide. I wish I would’ve had this book when I was at the beginning of my journey.   

I want women to be able to put on those shorts, shop for cute swimsuits, take that trip, schedule family pictures, and live their lives free from daily body image struggles.  

I take all of the painful guesswork and searching for answers out of the equation for you. I am here to teach, support, and guide you as you learn how to truly accept your body, embrace the beauty of body diversity, and live a life free from the constant pressures of needing to look a certain way.

Are you ready?

What people are saying

What a refreshing outlook on body image! In a world where we are bombarded with being told what we are supposed to look like and how to look that way, this book offers a realistic perspective on keeping your body in check.
Brittanie Austin
Maria’s perspective is a breath of fresh air in world ruled by diet culture. Her personal experiences are real and raw and she is truly practicing what she preaches. Every word feels so freeing and liberating—I am so thankful for this guide to help navigate the path to better body love!
Chelsea Merrill
I was immediately pulled in to Maria’s book. I felt like I could pour out all of my insecurities to her and she was be able to completely understand. She put everything into a new perspective and really challenged the views I’ve had on dieting and exercise. After working with Maria and reading her book I feel a new sense of freedom and no longer feel bound to diet and exercise. I enjoy exercise and food again, but not because i HAVE to, because I want to. I’m so grateful to the new found freedom Maria has guided me to and I wish every person out there gets to read her book!
Margaret Wilson
As someone who has struggled with body image, it was refreshing to get a new perspective on loving and accepting my body for what it can do and for the miracle it is! Body love boss teaches how to get rid of the negative dialogue we have with ourselves and to replace it with positive affirmations. The journaling promts allow the reader to get to the heart of the issue and do real healing work. It's an amazing and life changing book!!
Jennifer Hargraves
I could go on and on with how many of your points resonated so deeply with me. I so appreciate your story and am thankful for everything you've overcome to be able to help women like me start to heal. Thank you for your realness and meaningful viewpoints to help me be happy with where I am in this process, and to know that there's always hope. I'm anxious to start changing my thought process and love your front door analogy!!
Laura Dahlke

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You will be able to download PDFs of the e-book and/or workbook directly from the order confirmation page, and we will also send you a download link via email.

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No. Not at all. In fact this book is about sharing how to listen to your body’s cues and build a trusting relationship between you and your body. Whatever that looks like to you.

The only meal plan you’ll hopefully be following at the end of this book is the one you and your body decide feels good for you and that may change day by day or meal by meal. Hopefully you will learn the tools you need to never have to rely on a strict meal plan ever again.

Possibly, but the goal is not love, it’s neutrality and acceptance. It’s too much to go from body hate to body love in one step. I teach you how to find neutrality with your body and acceptance, and then maybe down the road, you’ll be able to love your body. But that never has to be the goal to find peace with your body. 

Yes! I do and I would love to work with you. You can schedule a 15 minute call to see if we’re a good fit, HERE. And if coaching is out of reach right now, I offer my on demand course, Finding Food & Body Freedom that will get you well on your way to changing how you view food and your body.