5 Reasons Intuitive Eating Isn't Working

5 Reasons Intuitive Eating Isn’t Working For You

Do you feel like intuitive eating seems to work for everyone else but you?

You know all the “answers”, and you’ve tried to apply the 10 principles of intuitive eating to how you eat and view food, but it just doesn’t seem to be sticking for you.

I hear you! I’ve been there. Through lots of trial and error I have found the way though and want to share with you what might be tripping you up.

Here are 5 common reasons why intuitive eating may not be working for you.

1. You’re expecting it to click overnight!

This way of eating takes time to learn. All of your years of living with a “diet-mindset” have to be torn back, all the rules around food and eating that you’ve been living by all this time have to be challenged. This. Takes. Time. Give yourself so much grace! I also don’t recommend challenging all of your food rules at once. Just pick one at a time.

5 Rules Intuitive Eating Isn't Working

2. You haven’t fully let go of the diet mentality.

I’m going to recommend that you commit to one final cleanse… a “diet cleanse”. That means really surveying your life and all the things that keep you in diet-mentality. Get rid of your scale so that you’re not tempted to weigh yourself. Weighing yourself does not add to your life and does not help you tune into your body as you want to with intuitive eating. Unfollow people on social media who make you feel like you have to eat a certain way (you know those people). Throw away the diet books!

5 Reasons Intuitive Eating Isn't Working For You

3. You’re not slowing down.

A healthy relationship with your body takes intentional time. Intuitive eating is about tuning into your body and its needs, and in order to do this you have to slow down. And by slowing down, I mean having intentional time throughout the day to connect with your body, making it a priority to acknowledge what messages your body is telling you whether that message is that you’re hungry, or thirsty, or needing energy, or too stressed.

4. You’re not eating regularly throughout the day.

If you’ve ever had a day where things got busy and you, for some reason or another, went a long period of time without eating, you know that you just can’t think straight. Your body’s primal instincts kick in and it’s only concern is getting energy, aka food, in as quick as possible. If you’re struggling with not feeling control with eating, likelihood is that you’re not eating enough, regularly throughout the day.

5. You aren’t letting yourself fail.

There will be times where you may eat more than you wanted, more than is comfortable, because you’re still learning what satisfied fullness feels like. There will be time where you eat something that used to be a “fear food” and you start to feel some guilt sneak in. Hear this…the rules that you had and maybe still have around eating are your way of feeling safe with food. But they’re keeping you from experiencing this beautiful relationship with your body and with food in the way you were created to experience.

And in order to live with more food freedom, you’ve got to be willing to test those rules and get uncomfortable. It’s hard work! I know! But the result is so wonderful… food freedom!

I encourage you to keep working towards full peace with food!

Because you’re worth it!

And though this is hard work, a healthy relationship with food will impact you for the rest of your life!

Do you want to learn how I apply the principles of intuitive eating in my life to make it work for me? I have created a step by step course just for you. I am confident that by the end of it you will feel totally different about your relationship with food and your body!

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Finding Food & Body Freedom

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