Beyond A Body- Learn More About My New Course

Did you know that 91% of women aren’t happy with their bodies?

I know you may feel like you’re the only one feeling shame and disgust with your body but believe me you’re not alone!

My name is Maria and I am a body love teacher who once hated my body and under ate, restricted foods, experienced food guilt, over exercised, and spent years trying to change my body to be happy.

It took me losing my health to finally decide that it was my mindset that needed changing and not my body.

Through this process I learned many tools, tips, and new concepts that allowed me to accept and embrace my imperfections, release all guilt around food, find body neutrality and even body love.

These concepts make up the framework that is now the Beyond a Body Course.

Introducing the Beyond A Body Course.

I decided to create this course because it was breaking my heart every time I heard a woman utter,

“I am so fat”,

“I have gained weight during quarantine and I feel awful about myself”,

“I can’t eat flour, sugar, or dairy ever again because a book told me so”,

“I can’t stop bingeing on snack foods”,

“There’s no way I’m putting on a swimsuit this summer”

“I can’t stand my thighs, they are so bumpy.”

I used to feel this same way!

I had to do some soul searching, journal writing, mindset changing, and thought re-wiring to get where I am today. Don’t get me wrong, I still have moments but I am able to use the tools I have created to get me out of that negative tailspin.

I will teach you the tools needed to move forward and get unstuck:

and change your thought patterns around your body image,

quit the comparison game,

learn how to practice self compassion,

and experience breakthroughs with releasing food guilt.

Beyond A Body Course

During this 4 week course you will learn how to:

Take the focus off your body’s appearance and focus on what it can do.

Find body neutrality, meaning you learn how to take the emotion out of your body’s appearance.

Separate your worth from your body. They aren’t the same.

Get rid of the guilt you feel around food.

Put a swimsuit on and quit missing out on fun moments this summer.

This 4 week course will include:

A digital copy of “How to Become A Body Love Boss & Never Diet Again”.

A digital copy of the Beyond A Body Workbook.

4 weeks in a private FB group where the course will be taught and you can also learn and connect with others.

Coaching from Me (this alone is worth the price).

Support as you learn how to let go of food guilt and food rules.

What You Willl Get

Are you ready to change your thoughts about your body?

I really hope you will join me on this 4 week journey. It is my passion to support, teach, and guide others towards body neutrality, and even, body love.

Click below to sign up for the course.

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