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What Is Body Acceptance?

Body acceptance doesn’t mean you can’t improve or express yourself.

Body Acceptance means you know you are enough just as you are. It also means that you are happy to be your unique self. You don’t need external validation from others on how you or your body should look to be able to feel body acceptance. You don’t need to fit into a mold.

Some people think that if you want to change yourself then it means you don’t practice body acceptance.

I disagree.

I was trying to explain this to someone so I came up with my front door analogy.

This is my front door analogy and how it relates to body acceptance.

I have a house. We moved in almost 2 years ago. It has a front door. It keeps me safe and secure and warm.

My front door was red and last year, I decided to paint it New Navy. Our last house was entirely red and I was so over it.

Body Acceptance And My Front Door Analogy

There was nothing wrong with it being red, I just wanted to try something new and different.

To make it more “us” after we moved in.

Now hear me when I say, I don’t need anybody to tell me how much they love my front door color. I love it. That’s all that matters.

But, if someone compliments me on my front door of course it makes me feel good. I welcome the compliment.

It doesn’t mean that I need external validation or input from others to still love it and know that it’s great. When I decorate my house it doesn’t mean that I love it any less, or that I am trying to make it something it isn’t.

In fact, I love painting because it can change a room quickly and inexpensively. I’m also a sucker for home improvement bloggers and influencers too so there’s always something I am wanting to try. You should totally check out Holly at Our Faux Farmhouse. Her and her husband are masters at their craft.

Body Acceptance And My Front Door Analogy

Home improvements can be fun self expression and I really enjoy doing them.

Same goes for body improvements too. Fun self expressions of who I am and maybe new things I want to try.

Some things that I love: changing my hair, getting permanent makeup done, buying cute clothes, and getting a spray tan, etc. I just feel so much better when I have a tan. I’m super lazy and not very good at makeup, so if I can have someone else permanently draw on my eyebrows I’m all for it!

The problem in the past was……….

I was searching for things I could change on the outside, I didn’t think I measured up to the world’s beauty standards and felt small on the inside.

Body Acceptance And My Front Door Analogy

Somehow I thought that if I changed those outer appearance things that maybe it would help me to love the reflection I saw in the mirror.

Surprise, it didn’t. I realized that you can’t ever find inner peace if you’re constantly searching for external validation or constantly comparing yourself to others.

I had to learn how to find body acceptance and be ok with how I looked even if it wasn’t the world’s standard definition of beauty.

My motivation couldn’t be from outside sources telling me how I should look, that will never bring body acceptance.

I did the work to love and accept who I am on the inside and on the outside.

And now my motivation to change things on the outside has nothing to do with what the world says I should do or look like. I no longer need that external validation from the world.

Body Acceptance And My Front Door Analogy

In fact, I don’t even care!

Now days any changes that I want to make on the outside are like a sprinkling of glitter on top of self-love.

Want to know the tools I used to develop that self love and find body acceptance? Click HERE.

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