Finding Food & Body Freedom

Food and body freedom is about more than just "eat what you want" and "just love your body".  That is why I constructed this course to guide you through simple to understand concepts that empower you to live free of the diet mentality and end the war with your body.

  • Value experiences over appearances 
  • Trust your hunger & fullness cues
  • See through the diet industry's lies
  • Honor your emotions without using food
  • Find exercise that you want to keep doing for life
  • Realize your worth is separate from your body
  • Grasp eating in a balanced way effortlessly 
  • Be a body confident role model to your girls
Finding Food & Body Freedom

You are not the failure, diets have failed you. You will be able to discern if diets serve you anymore and clearly identify and reject the diet mentality around you.

Learn how to trust when your body is hungry and full and ignore the food police that tries to set rigid rules around nutrition so that you can make peace with food and eat without guilt.

You will learn that turning to food when you’re feeling an emotion is not wrong or bad and there are other coping skills to be used as well. It’s all about balance!

Going straight from negative body image to positive body image is nearly impossible. That is why I teach the concept of body acceptance and learning to take care of your body out of a place of respect.

What people are saying about it

I seriously wish I could give this 10 or more stars! Maria is an absolutely wonderful teacher and guides you through this whole process! She’s so nice and knowledgeable. The fact that this course was born from her own personal struggles with body image and relationship with food, makes it totally relatable and helps you feel like you are not alone in the struggle.
So grateful for this course and for what it’s taught me. the best benefit is that when your’e done with the program…you are not done. You get full support in her on going Facebook group and that is truly invaluable as you get continued access to her and you build a community of friends to help you along the way. Thank you Maria!


Michele Wright

Finding Food & Body Freedom is something that many of us are looking for, but don’t know it. The desire to fit in or look a certain way will always leave you empty and Maria touches on many different ways to fill your cup and love your body and self as it is and know your worth no matter what size or shape you may be! It may make you cry, it may make you uncomfortable, but when you follow the prompts it is life changing!!

Maria gives you the freedom to watch the videos, download the Ebook, and go through the units at your own pace, but is always available if you have a question or need clarification on something. I would recommend this course again and again, and will be sharing with my family and friends!

positive body image

Gretchen Manning

Let go of the food rules and perfectionist mindset that keeps you from truly enjoying food and your life!

With over 20 video lessons, a 51 page Ebook, and multiple printables you will be able to learn a middle ground approach to how you eat and approach health, one where food guilt doesn't exist and you actually want to eat veggies and cake!  You will find clarity in what it means to turn inward and listen to your own intuition, all while finally making peace with your body.

When you purchase the course you will get an Exclusive BONUS MODULE:

The Befriend My Body Mini Course with 13 different videos on how to become friends with your body.

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