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How To Improve Your Body Image In Just 14 Days

91 % of women are unhappy with how their body looks. It is time to change that statistic! The first place we can start is inside, with our minds. Changing the mindset goes a long ways when improving your body image.

I have come up with a fourteen day challenge you can take on yourself to help improve your body image and learn to become your own best friend.

Day One – Set a Timer for 1 minute and look at yourself in the mirror.

Focus on the positive things about yourself. Do you have great hair? Cute nose? Gorgeous eyes? Lovely skin? Killer smile? Beautiful boot-ay? Admire the things you like about yourself for 1 minute.

Do not let any negative thoughts linger right now! Sometimes when we look in the mirror we only see our flaws and tend to focus on those. Find ways to fall in love with yourself and practice looking for those things in the mirror.

Day Two – Change your thought patterns.

Don’t let one bad thought define your day. Your thoughts don’t have power over you unless you let them. If you have a negative thought about your body today, STOP, take a deep breath.

Take back your power and tell yourself you won’t let that thought run your day and flip the thought into a positive one. The more you practice this the less negative thoughts you’ll have pop up each day. If one does, which it will, because we are human, you’ll have the tools to change it quickly.

Day Three – Write a list of 10 things you are grateful for about yourself.

Gratitude is the antidote to depression and self loathing. Come up with a physical list of 10 things you are grateful to yourself for. This is a great visual to have on days that you may be struggling with body image.

For example, the list may include things like; sense of humor, loyal friend, arms that can hug, cute toes, legs that can chase my kids, great hair, soft skin, beautiful singing voice, smart, cute dimples, fingernails that I can paint, friendly eyes, etc.

Feel free to write down more than ten, but start with at least 10! When we focus on how the many wonderful things our bodies and souls make us who we are we live in a positive state of mind and that can keep us from having those negative body image moments.

Clean Up Your Social Media Feeds

As you scroll through your feeds do an evaluation. If an image makes you feel bad about yourself simply unfollow that account. Start adding accounts that are body diverse and portray all types of bodies.

If you scroll through your Instagram feed and only see one body type, it is time to be more inclusive. It is even more important if this body type isn’t the one you have or is unattainable for the majority of the population.

When we consume media that gives the idea there is only one body type in the world that is “perfect” we may walk away from our phones or TV feeling like we don’t measure up and never will.

Day Five – In your journal, write these two questions down and then answer them.

  1. What is the legacy I am trying to build for myself?
  2. What do I want to be remembered for?

Ponder these questions and when you think you have your answers go back to your journal and answer them truthfully. I am going to go ahead and wager that your answers will have nothing to do with your body weight or shape.

Day Six – Affirmations Out Loud

There is power in affirmations, even more power when you say them out loud with your hand over your heart. Practicing these are key to improving your body image. Today I want you to repeat the following affirmations at least three times throughout the day.

Put your hand over your heart and say out loud:

I am not perfect and that’s ok.

I like me. I love me.

I am enough exactly as I am.

Day Seven – Reflect on what the different parts of your body allowed you to accomplish in the past week.

Think of all the parts of your body. What did each of them allow you to experience this past week? Spend some time thanking your body for the things you got to experience because of it.

For example: My legs allowed me to walk my dog outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. Or my ears allowed me to hear an amazing podcast where I learned how to be a better mom.

Day Eight – Write a list of 10 positive things about yourself that have nothing to do with your appearance.

Our bodies are the least interesting things about us. Write a list of at least 10 things that you appreciate about yourself that are not appearance based. Need help? Think about the things you admire about your friends or family… I bet some of those things you will find in yourself.

Here are some examples to get you started:

I am a loyal friend, I can make people laugh, I am good at sports, I have an eye for fashion, I can make a mean milkshake, I learn things fast, I am a good listener…….. you get the idea. If you still need help, ask a friend, I bet they can spout off a million things they love about you.

Day Nine – Focus On What You Can Control.

Beauty comes from within. Your friends and family love you for what’s on the inside. (See Day Eight) So what’s inside? Are you kind? Are you generous? Are you a good listener? Do you give good advice?

Turn outward and shift your focus to someone who may need what you have to offer today.

Day 10 – Wear Clothes You Feel Good In

You know those skinny jeans you haven’t fit into for two years? Give them to charity. That “too tight” blouse? Get rid of it.

Having too small of clothes in your closet doesn’t motivate you to lose weight and it doesn’t help you to love your body either.

People can see if you’re uncomfortable in your clothes, but they can’t see what size you’re wearing. So buy the size that you feel good in. Don’t worry about the number on the tag. It varies from store to store anyway.

When you feel good it shows. When you’re not focused on your clothes pinching and bunching you forget about your body and move with confidence throughout the day.

Day Eleven – Affirmation Time Again.

I told you affirmations are powerful. It’s time to do this again. Say them out loud to yourself with your hand over your heart. You can actually feel the energy shift when you do this.

  1. Others approval doesn’t determine my worth.
  2. Being me is my purpose.
  3. I matter. I am significant.

Day Twelve – Do Something For Yourself That is Stress Relieving.

Stress and lack of sleep can bring on bad body image days. Do something for yourself today that is stress relieving to you.

Take a hot bath, go for a walk, meditate, yoga, invite a friend to lunch, workout, bake, watch a funny show ( I call this Jimmy Fallon therapy), be in nature.

And try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep tonight!

Day Thirteen – Move Your Body In A Way That You Genuinely Enjoy.

Movement is magical. When you move your body you just automatically feel better about yourself. Make sure it is something you enjoy doing so it is stress relieving and not stress inducing. Remember, stress can trigger bad body image thoughts.

Ideas for movement include: leisure walking in nature, stretching, cranking up the music and dancing, following along to a yoga video on You Tube, jumping on the trampoline with your kids, deep breathing exercises, playing fetch with your dog, etc.

Notice today how movement can change your perspective on how you perceive your body.

Day Fourteen – Write A Love Letter To Yourself.

Today I want you to write a love letter to yourself. Include gratitude for your body’s capabilities, an apology for the mean things you’ve said about it before, things you love about it, and maybe some new promises you are ready to make to it.

Then go look at yourself in the mirror and say out loud: “Hi friend. I love you.”

Girl looking at herself in the mirror

Are you interested in learning even more about improving your body image?

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