Keep Showing Up

How To Keep Showing Up To Build Confidence

Keep Showing Up. Why did I put this phrase on everything I use everyday?

There was a time where I lost all of my confidence.

I felt unworthy of love.

I was ashamed of my body.

I had gained a lot of weight fairly quickly and because I had attached my worth and identity to being the “fit one” I quickly spiraled into a deep hole.

I was no longer fit. I no longer looked like a personal trainer. I no longer deserved love.

Because I believed those lies I wanted to hide from the world.

But I also didn’t want to miss out on my children’s lives either.

I created a mantra for myself that I would repeat constantly.


keep showing up

I didn’t want to show up but I know that I needed to and would regret it if I didn’t.

I had to repeat this to myself daily.

I thought that if I just kept showing up that eventually I would become ok in my new body.

I thought that maybe it would somehow give me the confidence I had lost.

And do you know what?!


The action I took by showing up no matter what slowly built my confidence back.


Because I learned that people still cared about me regardless of my weight.

I learned that my family still loved me.

I learned that my clients still believed in me.

I learned that I still had value.

I don’t think I would have learned those things had I not kept showing up.

It is still my mantra today and everyday.


So I decided I needed to put it on everything I use everyday as a reminder to me.

And as a reminder to you.

You can do the hard things.

You gotta just keep showing up.

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keep showing up

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