Lose The Food Guilt To Find Food Freedom

Food guilt used to be a struggle for me.

Do you struggle with feelings of food guilt? Before I healed my relationship with food I would feel guilty eating certain foods. Or maybe even eating too much of a certain food. I would even feel guilty if I ate anything after 7pm. Sometimes I couldn’t really enjoy the food or the experience because I was wrestling with the guilt I felt inside.

Quarantine and isolation are bringing up these feelings in abundance.

A common theme right now, people feeling guilty for sitting at home and eating lots of food and not moving as much. Or eating foods they don’t think they should be eating while they are under quarantine. There is no shortage of memes joking about weight gain and eating all the food.

I would avoid living my life.

If this is you, I feel you, I know what you’re going through. This was once me. I used to avoid social situations that were serving food. Especially if I didn’t have any control over what I could eat while there. Or I would avoid eating all day long if I knew I was going to dinner with friends. Then I could save up all my calories and eat them all at dinner. If I made cookies for my family and ate some cookie dough I’d beat myself up inside. I felt I lacked willpower and would exercise extra hard later.

I want you to know there is hope and life after food guilt! If I can find food freedom I believe that you can find it too.

After 20+ years I was finally able to get rid of the guilt and shame associated with food. How did I do this?

Food rules are the problem.

First, I realized that the guilt was attached to certain food rules I had been holding onto. These food rules were excerpts gleaned from various diets I had tried over the years. Or the rules were from diet gurus who had the be all end all cure for losing weight.

What were some of my rules? Don’t eat after 7pm. I can’t eat carbs. I can’t go over my macros for the day. Sugar is bad. I can’t eat yet, it hasn’t been long enough.

I knew that if I got rid of the food rules I would probably get rid of the guilt. So I really became aware of the food rules I had internalized. I wrote them out on paper and started challenging them one by one. I felt freer and freer each time I could scratch off another food rule.

It is worth the work to find food freedom.

This wasn’t something that happened overnight. It took work and self compassion but I can happily say that I don’t have any food guilt whatsoever anymore. The work was worth it!

This picture is of me eating my favorite giant cinnamon roll at my favorite breakfast place on my birthday. It was SO good! And eaten totally and completely guilt free!

I came up with a plan to crush food rules.

I came up with a plan that helps to dispose of those food rules you may have been clinging to for years. It works. It helps you break out of the body shame, food rules, food guilt cycle. I really want to help you be able to eat guilt free too. Food is one of life’s true pleasures!

If you’re struggling with food guilt please know that you are not alone! This is a common thing but it doesn’t have to be! I want to help you heal your relationship with food and find food freedom.

Want to learn more about my plan to get rid of food guilt? Click below.


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