Our Little Girls Are Bombarded With The Wrong Messaging About Their Bodies

Introducing The First Book About Body Acceptance For Little Girls

We live in an image driven world and our little girls are getting exposed at a young age to the wrong type of messaging about their bodies.

As a mom to four daughters myself I learned how important it is to foster a positive relationship with their bodies early.

This book is an early introduction for little girls especially, but will be helpful for any age really.

The simple language, messaging, and illustrations are perfect for starting a dialogue with your girls about their bodies.

The easy to read message and simple illustrations make this book perfect for the young reader.

Opens A Dialogue

This book helps to open up a dialogue with your little girl about body acceptance.

This book would make the perfect baby shower, baptism, birthday, Christmas, or any occasion gift.

There's nothing more powerful than a little girl hearing her mama read the words out loud that their body is a good body.

Here's A Sneak Peak Inside

My Body Is A Good Body
My Body Is A Good Body
My Body Is A Good Body
My Body Is A Good Body
My Body Is A Good Body

What a darling children's book! Love it! Perfect for young girls (and older). You can tell the author really cares about healthy body image. She gets to the point in a fun way, that variety is what makes the world beautiful and interesting and we are different from each other and that's OK. The artwork is colorful and details what the book is about. I taught preschool for 35 years and would have loved to have had this book in my library!


Nancy Shaw

Thank you for writing this book. My daughter loves to read. It's so nice to find books that have valuable messages in them. Girls beat themselves up too much about their bodies and the fact is that bodies are different and wonderful. All she needs to worry about is loving herself and others! Great book with a valuable message.


Brin Coombs

About The Author

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Maria has five children, four of which are girls. She knows all about the pressures that our image driven world puts on girls from a very young age.

She is passionate about empowering women and girls to live their best lives NOW no matter their weight, shape, or size.

She noticed that there weren't any books for little girls that taught them about their amazing bodies and how every body is a good body. So she decided to write one!

She knows that you can never start teaching your girls too early about the importance of body acceptance and body diversity.

Every girl should know that their body is absolutely amazing and CAN DO incredible things—and that their worth is not measured by outer appearances.

It is never too early to start teaching them that their body is a good body and that bodies come in all shapes and sizes and that’s what makes them all beautiful.

The authors’ clean and simple illustrations and message are easy for young readers to understand and absorb.

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