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Positive Body Affirmation Quotes iPhone Wallpaper

I designed some positive body affirmation quotes wallpaper just for you! Why? Because picking up your phone can often result in leaving you with feelings that aren’t so positive about your body.

We live in a social media world that is driven by aesthetics and images and if we’re not careful we can get sucked in to feeling like we don’t measure up. That we’ll never be beautiful or skinny like the influencers we see on social media. It can be so destructive to our body images and leave us feeling in a slump when we put down our phones.

Here are 3 Tips for you to help you avoid the Social Media Slump.

  1. Unfollow any accounts that make you have any sort of negative feelings pop up as you scroll through. Your brain may not even know why you have those negative feelings but your heart does so listen to it and unfollow.
  2. Diversify your social media feeds so that you are seeing all types of bodies as you scroll. Body diversity is beautiful. This is really helpful in reprogramming our brains so that it knows all body types are beautiful and have worth. When we are used to seeing only one body type we can start to feel like we’ll never be worthy of love, compliments, or relationships unless we look like that. P.S. That is diet culture! It is helpful to follow hashtags on Instagram such as #bodykindness, #bodyacceptance, #bodyneutrality.
  3. Remember that what you see on social media is often times photoshopped, posed, staged, and not real life. There are camera angle tricks, filters, editing apps, and clothing tricks that make it seem like things are better than they are. It is helpful when you see an image that makes you feel bad about yourself to say out loud, “This is not real life”. It is powerful for your brain and body to hear those words out loud.

If you need help with improving your body image I also have this free download for you. Click on the image to download your free copy.

positive body image

And something that I have found useful and has been scientifically proven is the use of positive body affirmations. Saying them out loud or seeing them in image form can help rewire our brains to have positive feelings about our bodies.

And if you’re a research nerd like me and want to learn more about the science behind positive affirmations you can read more here.

Download a positive affirmation for your phone’s wallpaper.

I designed 4 different wallpaper images that you can download for free and set as your phone’s wallpaper or set screen.

This can help serve as a reminder that your body is amazing even if you don’t like the way it looks.

It can help to remember as you scroll through social media that you are pretty spectacular yourself.

It can help you to remember not to take in everything you see in social media as truth or real life.

Here are the different positive body affirmation designs. Which is your favorite?

I’m not beautiful like you, I’m beautiful like me.

positive body affirmation

Show Your Body Some Kindness Today.

positive body affirmation

You Are More Than Just A Body.

positive body affirmation

OR All Bodies Are Good Bodies.

positive body affirmation

Or Keep Showing Up

These are for you to download and add to your phone’s wallpaper screens.

Simply tap on the image you want and save to your phone’s camera roll. Then tap on that image in your photos and tap on the up arrow. There you can scroll down and find Use As Wallpaper. Tap on that and decide if you want to set it as your lock screen, home screen, or both.

Social Media can be a great tool!

Just like with anything in this world, social media too can be a good tool or one that can cause harm. Following the 3 tips I gave you above can help change your social media experience to a good one. Let’s face it, there are some extremely talented people in this world sharing their gifts with us online.

It can create connection through finding like minded new friends. You can learn how to do a new skill, or find a new hobby. You can see something in a different light, which can help create better acceptance. You can get fantastic ideas for fashion, home decorating, or remodeling. You can be entertained and lift your spirit with humor.

There really are so many wonderful things about social media this day and age. That is, if we consciously use it as a tool for good.

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