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This course includes the I’m Not Beautiful Like You I’m Beautiful Like Me Ebook (52 pages), the Beyond a Body Course Workbook (32 pages), and entrance into our Private Facebook group where I will be teaching you the curriculum each week as well as providing coaching and support and answering all of your questions.

I am confident that by the end of the 4 weeks you will have improved your body image and be on your way to food freedom.


Did you know that you can rewire your brain to have less and less negative thoughts around your body?

I created this 4 week curriculum to help you learn how to rewire your brain when it comes to body shame and body hate. You are more than a body, and it’s time to embrace your imperfections and move beyond your body so you can start living your best life.

This curriculum comes in a beautiful 32 page workbook that came about using my own experiences from gaining a lot of weight in a short amount of time to recover from some health issues. I was left feeling so much shame and embarrassment with how my body looked I didn’t even want to go out in public.

We will be using the exact framework I developed that not only built my own confidence back up but got me to where I could start living my best life in this new body and wanting to share my secrets with others.

You will be guided each week by me in our private Facebook group where we will be completing each week’s bite size tasks along with other women who feel just like you. The time commitment will be around 10-20 min each Monday and then the rest of the week is up to you how much time you want to devote to challenging and changing your mindset.

At the end of the 4 weeks you will feel body neutrality and less food guilt, and be on your way to realizing that life is better when we live it beyond our bodies.



What You Willl Get

4 reviews for Beyond A Body Course- Currently Closed

  1. Sarah Churchman

    Absolutely brilliant course. Maria guides you through everything with regular videos and journaling prompts. She was always there to answer any questions we had (and believe me, I had a LOT!) and she always got back to me really quickly with a helpful answer.

    Maria lets you in on her own personal relationship with food and her body which really helped me to feel less alone.
    You’ll be invited into a Facebook group for the duration of the course and the support from other members is invaluable.

  2. Michele Wright

    I seriously wish I could give this 10 or more stars! Maria is an absolutely wonderful teacher and guides you through this whole process! She’s so nice and knowledgeable. The fact that this course was born from her own personal struggles with body image and relationship with food, makes it totally relatable and helps you feel like you are not alone in the struggle.
    So grateful for this course and for what it’s taught me. the best benefit is that when your’e done with the program…you are not done. You get full support in her on going Facebook group and that is truly invaluable as you get continued access to her and you build a community of friends to help you along the way. Thank you Maria!

  3. Gretchen Manning

    Beyond a Body is something that many of us are looking for, but don’t know it. The desire to fit in or look a certain way will always leave you empty and Maria touches on many different ways to fill your cup and love your body and self as it is and know your worth no matter what size or shape you may be! It may make you cry, it may make you uncomfortable, but when you follow the prompts it is life changing!!

    Maria gives you the freedom to watch the videos, download the workbook, and go through the units at your own pace, but is always available if you have a question or need clarification on something. I would recommend this course again and again, and will be sharing with my family and friends!

  4. Britt Shaw

    The Beyond a Body course is seriously awesome and Maria makes it so easy to navigate! She is so real and relatable and has so much personal knowledge to share.
    It is so refreshing to have someone that has come up with tools that when implemented can change your mindset about your body in such a positive way. I truly wish this course would have been around when I was in my teen years and early 20’s. It could have saved me from years of negative body image. Grateful to have the knowledge going forward!

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