Confidence Cuffs

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Body confidence takes daily practice, self compassion, and gentle reminders. That’s why I am so excited to introduce Confidence Cuffs!

Wearable affirmations to remind you that your body is amazing and allows you to accomplish fun and important things.

I sprinkle some magic confidence dust onto each and every bracelet that goes out to you so that you can wear it and feel the magic that is in you.


Introducing Confidence Cuffs, these are wearable affirmations for you or to give as a gift.

The way you feel about your body can change in an instant.

You might be feeling so confident one minute and then see a picture of you that someone else took at a really bad angle and snap! In an instant your body confidence plummets.

Body image is an inside job.

It’s our mindset that needs some work, not our bodies.

That is why I created tools for you to use so you can have more body confident moments than not.

Those are available in my ebook and workbook.

I am also offering these wearable affirmations I like to call Confidence Cuffs that you can look down and see in a moment of faltering confidence.

To help remind you of your infinite worth.

Which one will you pick?

Weight 1 oz
Choose Text

Worthy- Silver, I Love Who I Am- Gold


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