Finding Food & Body Freedom Course

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The Finding Food & Body Freedom course is a self guided journey complete with 7 modules including How To Break Up With Dieting, Honoring Your Hunger, Eating With Awareness, Body Respect & Acceptance, and so much more!




Food and body freedom is about more than just “eat what you want” and “just love your body”. So I created this self guided course to help guide you through simple concepts that empower you to live free of the diet mentality and make peace with your body.

You will learn how to break up with dieting and honor your body, your hunger, and your emotions and finally be able to befriend your body!

You will be able to take as much time as you need on each module as you grasp these new concepts. Each lesson comes with a video, written transcript of the video, and homework to complete after each lesson.

You will also receive a BONUS module of my mini course Befriend My Body which contains 13 lessons!

I am confident that by the end of this course you will freer and lighter as you break up with the dieter’s mentality and learn to live your life by your own body’s wisdom.

You can learn more about what this course offers here.


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