I’m Not Beautiful Like You I’m Beautiful Like Me Ebook

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My 51 page guide will walk you through the exact steps I used to find body acceptance and finally heal my relationship with food.

You will learn my story of caving to the pressures of looking a certain way as a personal trainer,

to developing disordered eating and exercise habits, to losing my health, gaining weight to recover, feeling like a failure for not “looking like a personal trainer”, to not wanting to go out in public, and to the epiphanies I had that led me to creating tools and applying them to get me unstuck, that led me to finding body acceptance and confidence in how I look now.

This led me to writing this guide for others.

You can learn how to find body acceptance too!

4 reviews for I’m Not Beautiful Like You I’m Beautiful Like Me Ebook

  1. Melody Ross

    This book is real talk about a critical issue. This epidemic of body shame and body identity is so pervasive and damaging to our entire society. Maria is so honest, real and credible. She’s compassionate and funny and she knows what she’s talking about…it isn’t a bunch of platitudes but actual useful and effective information that will both motivate you and help you unwind the cultural conditioning about your beautiful body. This book is a great big BRAVO!

  2. Jill Baird

    Your book has given me so many things to think about. It illuminates the hang ups I’ve had about my body at different times in my life and given me so many way to understand myself more and be more gentle with myself. It’s given me more ideas of ways to help my daughters through this crazy world where it’s so easy to get hung up on our physical appearance. My body is incredible, all of our bodies are incredible!

  3. Margaret Wilson

    Read this book! Each page taught me something new. My whole life I thought if I didn’t have a flat stomach, if I ate too much, if I didn’t weigh myself every day and weigh what others tell me I should weigh I just wouldn’t measure up. The Author has challenged societies standards and has given me the permission I needed to break away from the the body shaming mentality and the diet culture that has been taught for generations. It has changed the way I talk about my body and the way I talk to my daughter about her body. Read the book because it proves that we can be comfortable in our own skin.

  4. Chelsea Merrill

    Maria is a true “Body Love Boss”! Her perspective is so refreshing—it’s everything I had no idea I needed! Whether struggling with diet culture, body changes, raising daughters—-this book is for everyone! I’m so thankful for this resource!

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